28-30 october
VI International Investment Forum
Astana, "Palace of Independence"

About Astana Invest 2015 Forum

Astana has become a byword for dynamic changes in the economy of present-day Kazakhstan. The capital city of our country today - is a city of the future, which opens limitless possibilities to create the most ambitious projects due to its economic and business potential. Favourable investment climate contributes to the development of not only the city's economy, but also sustains construction of new production facilities and implementation of innovative technologies. Astana is advancing every year and it can be certainly called an investments attraction centre. Therefore, it was decided to hold an independent event “Astana Invest 2015” separately from Astana Economic Forum. It is aimed to keep further focus of potential investors on investment opportunities and breakthrough projects of Astana, attracting investments to the capital city.

Astana Invest 2015” is a unique platform for meetings between representatives of local establishment and foreign and Kazakhstani business communities to discuss regional investment development. Over 1000 delegates from more than 20 countries have expressed a desire to participate in the Forum. Our guests will go on a fascinating tour visiting enterprises of the Industrial Park of SEZ “Astana - new city”, Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering LLP, Tulpar-Talgo LLP, and Astana Solar LLP. During the site visits, delegates will see plants’ capacities, advanced technologies in production process, as well as discuss the latest achievements and potential of Special Economic Zone.

The Forum will open Astana potential as the Transport and Infrastructure Hub on the Eurasian space along the route of the Silk Road. In addition will be announced the initiative on creation of Astana International Medical Hub to share practical knowledge and scientific works between Asia and Europe.

Astana Invest 2015 is an opportunity for participants to present their project to communicate directly with potential investors and find new partners in the B2B-meetings that will be held during three days. The Forum will host master classes from global coaches: Dr. Kjell A Nordström, Sergey Makarov & Douglas van den Berghe. Global experts on investment practices, business leaders as well as administration of Astana and national companies of Kazakhstan will be invited to take part in panel sessions of the Forum.

Another significant event will be a special exhibition of Astana investment projects; the visitors will be impressed by the original design of pavilions and the investment attractiveness of projects

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  • Jim Rogers
  • Асет Исекешев
  • Санжар Кеттебеков
  • Leland Rice
  • Alan Godry


  • Кортни Фингар
  • Ксавьер Сала-и-Мартин
  • Маниш Касливал
  • Рахул Гупта
  • Билл Хатчисон
  • Дуглас ван ден Берге
  • Нурали Алиев
  • О Туан Ки
  • Доминик Меню
  • Мишель Т. Дэвис
  • Майкл Тэй
  • Иоланта Стрикица
  • Сиддик Хан
  • Клод Бадан
  • Сергей Хорошун
  • Мохамед Мезгхани
  • Косман Айтмухаметов
  • Асет Исекешев
  • Дзоу Сы И
  • Тимур Баиров
  • Wilfred Loo
  • Shigeo Katsu
  • Золтан Варга
  • Эрай Юскек
  • Талгат Данияров
  • Фрэнк Лэтт
  • Роберто Валфрé Ди Бонзо
  • Франко Газзотти
  • Паскаль Мерсье
  • Инчи Догусан
  • Эд Плева
  • Евгений Аманбаев
  • Андрей Беклимишев
  • Владимир Туреханов
  • Ахметжан Есимов
  • Томас Селуччи
  • Мэтью Лусье
  • Дино Мешанович
  • Санжар Елубаев
  • Махеш Сешадри
  • Адильбек Джаксыбеков
  • Аббас Офаринов
  • Петр Романовский
  • Адил Ал Заруни
  • Мейрам Пшембаев


  • Кьелл Нордстрем
  • Сергей Макаров
  • Дуглас ван ден Берге